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Bearman 8’, Wolfwoman 4’, Eagle 6’

This sculpture was designed as a totem pole, but unfortunately, due to the owner’s health restrictions, he decided to position the pieces in a circle.  The change in design completely alters the energy of the piece but I hope it still carries some of its original intent, which is to portray a totemic spiritual journey.

On a technical level this sculpture was very difficult.  Since the log for the Bearman was incredibly heavy I wasn’t able to stand it up until I took some weight off of it.  This meant trying to establish the centre line while it was lying down.  Keeping in mind all the different layers to the Bearman was very challenging.  The Wolfwoman was more straightforward.  The eagle also had its challenges – it was so large that I had to laminate an extra piece on the back in order to make the bird-tail long enough.  One of the most time consuming aspects of these three pieces was carving the fur and the feathers.  Thanks for all your help with that, Dad!

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