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Murder of Crows

22 ft

This large old tree stands on it’s own outside a farmer’s field.   The couple that commissioned me surprised me by saying that they were not concerned with how far away the piece was from their home.  They didn’t mind that they would have to walk to see the sculpture.  Unusual and very cool!

It didn’t take me long to come up with an idea.  On several different occasions I sat in front of the tree to simply meditate and feel its energy.  I quickly knew it was to be a tree inhabited by crows.  My initial idea was to have the crows be a combination of female and bird, but after several discussions with the couple, we decided that it would become more of a realistic piece that would showcase a Murder of Crows having a philosophical debate.  If you look at each one carefully you can see what kind of personality they each possess…you can even imagine the debate itself.

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