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Commissioning a Sculpture

"It's an exciting process to contribute to the creative process!"

The process of commissioning a sculpture varies. For me personally, it’s about developing a design that reflects the creative spirit of both parties, the client and myself. Occasionally I will hear from someone who knows exactly what they want, but this is certainly not the norm.  Typically the process is reciprocal in nature.  It usually unfolds as follows.


First, I will receive a phone call or email stating that Client A is interested in commissioning a sculpture.  This may be for personal enjoyment, as a gift for someone, in memory of someone, or just because. 


Second, Client A will express an interest in the cost of a sculpture.  As an artist this is very difficult to determine before the piece has been conceptualized.  So much is dependent on size, detail and aesthetic.  Generally speaking, a sculpture between one to three feet in size can range anywhere from $1000-$2000.  Three feet to five feet is from $2000-$5000.  Five feet to nine feet is from $5000-$10,000, etc.   Again, these are merely estimates.  Client A and myself will agree upon an approximate budget and I will design something that fits into those financial parameters. 


Third, I will speak at length with Client A about who they are, what they believe in, what’s important to them and what is symbolic in their lives, whether literal, conceptual, psychological or theoretical.  It is important for me to understand who you are.  This exploration continues by visiting the place where the sculpture is going.  This helps me to connect to the environment and to the surrounding energy. 


Fourth, I go home with all that’s been offered in this process to dream, meditate and wait for my muse to do its thing.   Occasionally a design will appear immediately.  Sometimes it will take days before anything reveals itself.  Once it does, I begin to sketch out the possibilities. 


Fifth, I take these drawings to you and we discuss what feels right.  The ideal outcome is that you love one of the designs.  Each design comes with an estimated price. 


Sixth, a down payment of 1/3 is paid to me.  If the project is large, a second payment will be offered half way through and the final payment after the piece has been delivered and installed. 


At this point you begin to live with a sculpture that reflects who you are and will be enjoyed by many for years to come.  

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